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Whether you're spending a few days with the family or taking a vacation in the Bahama's, Pack Pal will keep your travel items organized. Build a list of items you wish to take, make sure they get in your suitcase and make sure they all return with you.


Trips are at the core of Pack Pal. Create a trip with a start, end date, customize your trip with one of our many themes to fit your personality and you’re ready to start packing. On the trips view you can manage all of your trips and view any pending items that still need to be packed.


Adding items to your trip could not be easier. Just enter the name of your item and you’re done. You can even use your camera to take a picture of the item for visual reference. Trip lists could get long and you might accidentally add an existing item - Pack Pal remembers what you have already added to your trip will let you know so you don’t add duplicate items.


Do you use the same items over and over again for every trip? Save yourself some time and create a collection. Collections are a convenient way to add an entire set of common items to a trip. When you add an item to a trip, you may choose to select individual items from a collection or the entire collection.

Review Mode

Making a list is one thing, making sure everything is actually packed is another. Using Pack Pal's review mode, you can view your entire trip list and mark off items that you have packed. With Pack Pal you'll never leave another item behind.

Pack Your Way

Pack Pal has a growing library of beautiful trip themes. Whether you're all business or a vintage fan there's a theme to fit any trip or any personality.

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  • Great Travel App!!

    This is a great App! Looks fantastic, easy to use and you can take your own photos of your packing list items! I would recommend this to everyone!

  • Cool Packing App

    Easy to use and visually I thinks it's one of the best I've used.
    Keep up the good work!


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Compatible iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s and 5 with iOS version 5.0 +

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